Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Looking for the Crack that lets the Light In

The days are shorter again. As if November isn't dark enough the world is turning upside down with anger, fear and uncertainty. Donald Trump was just elected President. I can't begin to understand that many people voting for hate, except to say that I presume they felt it was better than the status quo that Hillary Clinton represented.

The absurdity of this election has me convinced that there is more truth in alt news and conspiracy theories then there is in the mainstream media. Everything in the mainstream media feels like distraction and disinformation. How can anyone know what the truth is? Who really pulls the strings? What does it all really means for the common "pleb". 

I don't pretend to know a single answer to the important questions. I am just feeling around for a crack down here in the darkness, hoping eventually that I find one large enough to let some light in.